Gentle Professional Cleaning

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Professional Teeth Cleanings

Initial Exam

Our dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination to evaluate the current state of your teeth and gums prior to your cleaning. 

Types of Professional Teeth Cleanings 

There are several different types of teeth cleanings. When you visit our dental office, our dentist will perform a regular cleaning to eliminate the tartar and plaque buildup. You might need an additional or alternate cleaning, however, depending on your current oral health. After your examination, our dentist will determine which cleaning is most appropriate.

  • Regular Cleaning: During a regular cleaning our dentist removes any plaque, tartar, or stains that have accumulated since your last visit. 
  • Deep Cleaning: Our dentist will suggest deep cleanings if you have large deposits of tartar accompanied by symptoms of gum disease, such as swollen, red, sensitive or bleeding gums. 
  • Full Mouth Debridement: This treatment is recommended when a regular teeth cleaning is ineffective for the removal of plaque and tartar. 
  • Periodontal Maintenance: After performing a deep cleaning, our dentist typically recommends a periodontal maintenance plan, which may involve regularly scheduled teeth cleanings. This will keep symptoms of gum disease in check and prevent it from progressing to gum recession or tooth loss. 

Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleanings

A professional teeth cleaning offers far more benefits than simply cleaning your teeth and gums. Other benefits include: 

  • Improved Oral and Overall Health: Numerous studies have linked good oral health with better health overall, and regular teeth cleanings can keep more serious health conditions at bay. 
  • Fresher Breath: A professional cleaning can improve your breath, and it gives our dentist the opportunity to look for any root causes of chronic bad breath and address those as well. 
  • Cavity Prevention: When plaque builds up on our teeth, it eats away at the enamel, creating cavities. Thorough removal of this substance will protect your teeth from decay.
  • Tooth Loss Prevention:  Built-up plaque can also cause gum disease. Over time, this chronic disease can cause the gums to recede and may eventually damage the bone tissues in the jaw that hold the teeth in place, resulting in tooth loss. Removal of plaque through regular teeth cleanings will keep gum disease in check so you can enjoy a full and healthy smile for years to come.
  • Brighter Smile: Surface stains caused by drinking coffee, tea and wine can be improved with a profssional teeth cleaning. 

Frequency of Teeth Cleaning 

In most cases, a professional teeth cleaning every six months is sufficient in protecting your oral health, however, if you have gum disease or another condition, you may require more frequent cleanings. Call our Effingham, Illinois, dental office at 217-540-5000 to schedule your next professional teeth cleaning.