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Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening

The Quick Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening Process

  • First our dentist cleans your teeth to prepare them for the whitening gel.
  • Once the teeth are clean, the Boost whitening gel is applied. Since it's chemically activated, no light or heat is needed.
  • After the gel has been applied, it remains in place for about an hour to achieve your desired results.
  • Leave our office with a noticeably whiter smile!

Benefits of Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening

  • Boost Whitening contains nitrate and fluoride, which infiltrate and whiten all parts of the teeth.
  • The fluoride strengthens enamel and reduces tooth sensitivity, both during and after the whitening process is complete.
  • In-Office whitening is a quick, simple and safe way to a brighter smile. 

If you don't want to feel self-conscious about your discolored teeth any more, call your Effingham dentist at 217-540-5000 today to learn more about Opalescence Boost In-Office Teeth Whitening. The smile you’ve always wanted is within your reach!